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Porpora Jewelry was born in 2020 in Portugal, with a background dedicated to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.


Daniela Porpora, Italian by birth and the author of this project, already began to feel at that time, that the restoration was not satisfactory enough and she had to follow her own artistic path.


The Peruvian heritage of her maternal family has always left her with a fascination for the beauties of the Inca culture and, together with a growing curiosity for the world of stones and crystals, is how this line of jewelry was born.


The purpose is to give the people who own a piece of Porpora a part of that creative power we all have, strengthening and balancing its wearer so that he can fulfill his purpose on this planet.


Nowadays, Porpora has an ethic focused on the minimum waste of raw materials and the sustainability of the used materials. 


Porpora always seeks the highest quality and the satisfaction of its customers, maintaining a direct dialogue with them and the possibility to create a piece together according to their wishes.

Porpora author
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